Monday, August 17, 2009

In between Hi 5 and Lady Gaga - music for kids

In light of the recent kids-at-Lady-Gaga-why-aren't-concerts-rated? cuffuffle, and the Growing Up Fast and Furious conference, I'm posting this. An 8 year old boy from my daughter's class attended the concert. Which would have cost a pretty penny, And on a school night. My sister is a preschool teacher and asked her kids to bring a cd to share. One child brought in Pink. Needless to say, my sister didn't play it.

My kids don't listen to music with raunchy lyrics. It takes some work. We haven't watched the Saturday or Sunday morning music video shows since we had kids. That's ok by me. My tastes have changed and I've realised it doesn't really matter if I don't keep up with every new artist and new song. I find the singers I like through reading reviews and looking them up on youtube now anyway. And I'm pretty vigilant about the songs my kids dance to at dance class.

My girls are 5, 7 & 9. They listen to HSM and Miley Cyrus. Other suitable singers would be perhaps Kelly Clarkson, Tina Arena, Delta Goodram. Not The Veronicas or Lily Allen or Pink or Lady Gaga.

I've done a lot of research on music for kids. It doesn't seem right that kids go from the Wiggles to Pink. There is a lot of music out there that just isn't available at the local shops. I bought cds online from the US. If you have a look on Amazon you can follow the links.

Some suggestions:

Compilations like Free to Be You and Me, Songs of Thanks and Giving, Schoolhouse Rocks, Martha Stewart Sleepytime and Playtime, A World Of Happiness, For Our Children 1 & 2, Mary Had a Little Amp, For the Kids 1 & 2, Lollipop Rock 1 & 2, Jazz for Kids, Nicky's Jazz for Kids, Motown for Kids, Chicken Soup for Little Souls.

Artists such as Raffi, Ralph's World, Laurie Berkner, Dan Zanes, Rory McLeod, Margaret Rutherford and many more - Lisa Loeb, Shirley Temple, They Might be Giants, Danny Kaye, Peter Paul & Mary, Johnny Cash, have a look - there are lots of adult artists who have a kid's cd.

The series of A Child's Celebration of: Silliest Songs, Showtunes, Soul, Song 1 & 2, the World, Rock and Roll, Dance, Folk and so on.

I also got some learning French cds that my kids like.

There is also the Sing! series that are made for schools - you can buy them and the sheet music from ABC shops.

We also listen to the radio - but the more nostalgic stations - I listen to an alternative current music station when I'm on my own.

I play cds of older artists at home - Beatles, Cat Stevens, The Mamas and the Papas, The Carpenters etc.

Good luck - there is world of music for kids to be discovered! You aren't just stuck on The Wiggles and Hi-5! Or, Pink and Lady Gaga.