Thursday, May 30, 2013

Revolving Door

I made it home after a month in hospital, only to stay home for two nights and then go back in for another eight days. I had fevers of an unknown source. Hopefully I can stay home for a while now. Five weeks of hospital food is too long for anyone. Even I couldn't keep up my positive attitude to the food. The simple pleasures of a cheese toastie or a boiled egg!

It was an interesting admission because I wasn't  in my usual ward.. I was with osteo patients and drug and alcohol patients. I've been hanging out with people I wouldn't normally mix with. There is lots to say about the other patients - worlds within worlds - but I'll leave that for another time. I didn't read or watch movies or anything - the ward was too busy - but I did compose articles in my head and practice delivering English lessons.

I wanted to blog from hospital, but it is just too difficult on the tablet. 

I'll post again soon. Now I have some settling in to do at home, ie, unpack, read school notices and have a bath!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Good news. I'm engrafting,

My neutrophils are 0.5. My whitecell count is 0.6.

In order to go home I need to stop having temperatures and for my  blood counts to be normal. Five to ten days, the doctors say.

I've been in hospital for three weeks now.

I think I've been a cooperative and self-contained patient. Actually, it has been quite nice to not have to make any decisions.

I've had all the expected side effects. Mucasitis which means mouth ulcers and a sore throat and blood blisters on my tongue. I was taking morphine for the pain. I've had diarrhea,  a rash and daily temperatures.

My hair is growing back. A soft grey fur.  My eyebrows came back quite quickly.   But now My hair is falling out again from the chemo I've had this time. But I've had my last chemo today.

I've been embracing boredom. I have my little routines and zones. I've been watching dvds and reading online and doing crafts for the school fete. I've just got tv.

I spent Mothers Day here on my own. I reckon I've had a month of what most mums want: peace and quiet and meals in bed!

I'm looking forward to going home. I won't miss having a tube in my neck and injections in my stomach. I might miss being offered doses of morphine. And I'm keen to eat a good hamburger.