Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome to my week

This week is a big one, the last for third term.

I have two assignments due. The children have two evening concerts. Matilda has debating and public speaking. Oh, and a cake stall, just to round out the schedule. As well as our usual regular activities. I need to clean up the whole house so the babysitter doesn’t think we live like pigs. This involves a massive op shop donation, that is currently sitting in our hallway, known as purgatory (the goods are on their way out, but haven’t made it to their destination yet). I’ve been asking the children to do some extra chores, but they say they need a rest. I understand. If I could at all be cloned, now would be a good time.

I’m hoping my back will feel better soon. I may or may not have hurt it doing a bridge in yoga, and may or may not have been a little too pleased with myself when the teacher asked me to demonstrate to the class.

I have two weddings coming up and I’ve managed to buy myself a new dress. Not a new second hand dress but brand new. That’s exciting for me. I justify it to myself by reminding myself I hardly ever buy new, and the only time I’ve worn a wedding dress was playing a madwoman on stage. I managed to get into the city, buy the dress, and get out before the protests. The dress is very much like this, and I’m happy.

It's St Andrews blue. My best colour. I had a very similar dress I bought about thirty years ago that I bought at an op shop and wore until it fell apart.

It was interesting talking to young sales assistants. I know exactly what I want and what suits me. I know my colours. I know I want to wear a bra, so nothing strapless or strappy or backless. Short sleeves are good at my age. I’m a short person, so don’t wear fabrics with big prints. Skirts to the knee or the floor, but nothing short. No V necks - round or sweetheart necklines are better on me. And the fabric must breathe, so nothing that feels synthetic. They weren’t any help.

After this week we have two weeks of sleeping, singing, swimming, drawing, and generally mootching about and pottering around at home. We’ll also be visiting my mum, who is recovering from a stroke. She needs to practice talking.  I’m sure we can help with that. And I’ll be writing a piece about sloths in literature and the value of idleness. Ahh. Idleness.