Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sites and Orgs

Here is a list of Recommended Organisations and Websites:
(the ones marked with an * are Australian)

The Mothers Movement Online (US)
Moms Rising (US)
Mothers Acting Up (US)
Mothers Ought to Have Equal Rights (US)
The Motherhood Project (US)
Mothers and More (US)
Association For Research on Mothering (CAN)
The Museum of Motherhood (US)

Studies in the Maternal (UK journal)

Global Sister
Stop the Traffik
Mamapalooza (US)
Brain, Child (US)
Literary Mama (US)
The Imperfect Parent (US)
Mothers' Union (UK Christian group which is active for change)
The Parents Jury*

Australian Breastfeeding Association*

Maternal Coalition*

Young Media*

Kids Free 2B Kids*
Collective Shout*
Say No 4 Kids*
The Democracy Project*
Get Up*
The Women's Electoral Lobby*
Women's Forum Australia*
The Greens*
Australian Conservation Foundation*
Mothers Be Heard*
Dawn Chorus*
Blue Milk (Blog)*
Liz Conor (Blog)*

International Mothers Network

(links and descriptions to follow)

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