Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aiming for the lowest standard??

A tv advertisement that has been banned from being shown, is being contested on the grounds that more sexist images are being shown on Video Hits in the morning.

Crazy Domains managing director Gavin Collins said the ad was "tongue in cheek" and blamed feminist bloggers for stirring up complaints. He asked for a review of the decision. "This decision makes no sense and is completely un-Australian – we're certainly not going to take this lying down," Mr Collins said. "Have you seen Video Hits on a Saturday morning? There are much more graphic and sexually explicit images on that show every week ... during a morning timeslot."

Well, sir, if you think the images in Video Hits are inappropriate, graphic and sexually explicit, then protest about it - don't copy it!!

And un-Australian? It is un-Australian to stand up for women to be presented respectfully? What's that about? Sheesh.

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