Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Closure of Association for Research on Mothering

News today that The Association For Research on Mothering is closing. This is due to lack of financial support from York University.

Lets hope another university sees the value in continuing the work and picks it up.

What are the implications for us in Australia?

No more conferences.

No more publications.

We will see if the Encyclopaedia of Mothering will be published - it was due to be released in April.

We were trying to build an Australian branch - The Association for Research on Mothering - Australia (I'm on the committee). We need to decide if we can continue without the mother group.

Very sad news indeed...

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Motherhugger said...

Women of the world are rallying to save ARM. You can help by writing to York Uni, buying a publication from ARM, and joining in the Facebook page here: