Friday, April 16, 2010

Music videos, what can we do?

There was a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday about music videos being pornographic. I read the comments both on the SMH site and on Essential Baby. Now, we don't watch video hits in our house, but I can see that my problems with dance schools and with the kids karaoke stem from other peoples' kids watching these shows. The adults who run classes and entertainment for kids figure, well, the kids like it, so we give them the music they know and like, the stuff on the top 40.

So, here is what we can do.

We can write to the stations, stating that they are breaching their code of practice, because morning tv is supposed to be G rated.

We can write to the board that administers the code of practice.

Following the money trail, we can write to the advertisers who flog their products during the music video shows.

We can write to the Minister for the Status of Women. We can write to our local members.

I'll get some addresses and quotes from the code of ethics and post them later.

Today is my tenth anniversary of mothering, and I have a birthday to attend to...


Adelaide Dupont said...

Happy 10th anniversary of mothering, MotherHugger.

Would love to see the Code of Ethics.

I would encourage children and adults to check out the digital stations from the ABC, especially Digg and Digg Jazz.

Robert Q said...

Hi Motherhugger, I'm in! I'll wait for your addresses and will then spread the word. Let's see how many letters we can generate to the ABC and Channel 10. Bring it on! Michelle C.

Robert Q said...

I'm thinking that music videos should be given a rating - if we give movies a rating, why not music videos? The ones we're talking about would certainly be M rated. I don't see why Rage and Video Hits can't show kid-friendly music videos on weekend mornings, and keep their M-rated clips for night time slots. Michelle C.