Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kidman, you're kidding.

Have a look at Nicole Kidman.

She looks like she has the same plastic surgeon as Kylie and Madonna. The news is she is accepting an award.

..."I grew up in a family of women who are very strong and wonderfully opinionated," Kidman said, blowing kisses to her sister who had not been aware of her win before the event.

"My mother was such a huge influence on me, and my education.

"She encouraged me to have a voice and ultimately to give back, so to then be recognised for that makes me very, very proud. It's something I want to continue doing."

Kidman said she believed it was important that women collaborate and honour each other, working together as a collective to achieve change, as she is with her work at the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM).

And to be stylish, she said, was not to compromise.

"Style means having a voice, it means not compromising who you are because of what people say; it means standing proud, and knowing that that sometimes you are going to go in and out of fashion, but still, staying true to yourself," Kidman said, adding she was enjoying her role as a mother.

"Right now I'm very much in a place of nurturing: I love my family, I love being able to take care of my family and I've worked hard so that I can do that."...

OK. I wonder if her mother recognises her now. I wonder if she sees the irony in saying she doesn't compromise and is being true to herself. She doesn't even look like herself and we all know, because we've seen her when she was 20, and 30, and now at 42 she looks like someone else at 20.

What a shame her children, and her parents, won't see how she ages. How long can a person keep this up? Will she die at age 80 looking like a plastic doll? What kind of message is that? Is that nurturing? Is it for the collective good of women?

Who does she think she's kidding?

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Jenny said...

Can she blink? Scary