Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thanks, Gretel, I'm with you

This from Gretel Killeen's column in the Sun Herald today. (In a week I've has reason to be thinking about bullies.) In fact, I like everything she talks about this week: calling Kristina Keneally 'cute', what is a hero, harbourside development and shopping. Actually, I like Gretel Killeen. She's a single mum who has made her own career, doing voice work, writing and presenting. Her book for children, Cheery Pie, is beautiful.

Rewarding bullies

Last week, in two separate incidents, bullying was cited as both the reason a girl is suing her former school and a "significant" contributor to a young boy's suicide. As bullying is an escalating problem, perhaps we could look at our children's daily influences. Not just the bully barn of our political leaders but, more immediately, the world of entertainment, where, off the top of my head, flies a high-profile story of a rugby league group sex scandal and an inappropriate radio lie-detecting stunt And what comeuppance did each of these blokes receive? The hosting of their own TV shows.

Every time I see Matthew Johns, I want to scream. The word I want to scream is 'rapist'. I want to organise a group of women to go to his show and when he appears, we scream 'Rapist'. We're escorted from the building.

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