Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Non-core promises

When Labor is returned to government, with the help of the Greens, here are the policy promises I hope Julia Gillard didn't really mean:

- school uniforms (who thought this was a big issue?)
- rewarding teachers for improving school performance (how on earth could that work?)
- a citizen's assembly to see what we should do about climate change (we already have a parliament, and voted Labor in three years ago on the basis of action on climate change)
- offshore processing of asylum seekers (inhumane)
- cash for clunkers (encourages people to buy new cars rather than use public transport)
- teaching economic management in schools (already do this)
- more money for school chaplains (if we need counsellors, get counsellors)
- money to celebrate Mary MacKillop (the Catholics can spend their own money - as an atheist you don't need to throw money at the churches - they already pay no tax)

So, I'd like these to be non-core promises please.

And I'd like to never again see an election campaign. If you can't tell us what you stand for before the election is announced, don't bother. Such a waste of time and money. Just announce the election, and hold it a week later. Would stop the stupid policies that throw money at any group the parties think they need to placate.

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