Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Blessing for Helena Botham Carter

This made me smile.

The Essential Baby site (linked to major newspapers)is running these pictures of celebrity mums doing the school run.

Some are surrounded by paparazzi, some look like they just stepped out of the gym/hairdressers, some have probably just seen a surgeon to correct the deformities to their feet caused by walking in those very high heels, and some look like regular women just going about their business.

And then there is Helena Botham Carter, an actor who could have gone the glam career path but chose to marry Tim Burton (they live in neighbouring houses with a connecting door)and have fun with dark and wicked characters instead. Looks like she has better things to do than see a stylist for everyday wear.

I can relate. And that apron with the big pocket looks very practical.

Did you know Helena Botham Carter is part of a fashion line called Pantaloonies. She and her friend revive your old jeans for you by sewing on frills. Most of the money it raises goes to charity.

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