Friday, September 10, 2010

Helping women in the Congo

Some people say the worst place in the world to be a women today is in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you want to know what is happening there, this is a good place to start. The region is so dangerous that there are NGOs that don't operate there.

I've suggested in our Community Centre newsletter that the people of my community could do something to help these women. I've suggested we hold a fundraiser, a cake and craft stall at our local council festival day, which, I hope will be easy to organise, and should raise about $3000 to help.

We'll see if my community is interested.

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Greta Koenigin said...

Are you are of the fundraising efforts associated with the Vagina Monlogues productions? It's a great way to involve the community in raising funds and awareness. Though a bake sale is much easier to mount; a good choice. Good luck. And thanks for the reminder to help the women of the Congo.