Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monica Dux - feminism has just begun

Monica Dux co-wrote The Great Feminist Denial. She presented a speech last week on Feminism Has Failed. She argued for the negative.

To me, this groundswell of activity does not equate with ''failure''. It looks more like a renaissance.

One thing I know for certain: feminism has not failed me. It has allowed me have a career. It has given me financial independence. It encouraged me to take control of my reproduction, to value my body, to see my worth as more than what I can do in bed and what my womb can do. It has given me a sense of unity with other women, and opened my eyes to many injustices that I do not suffer, but that other women do. It has inspired me, infuriated me and challenged me.

But this isn't the point, feminism is not about ''me'' or, more correctly, what it has done for me.

Feminism is about a more just and equitable world for women, all women in all their many and varied contexts. And as long as we keep saying this - as I know my feminist sisters do - we have not failed. We've only just begun.

Is there a renaissance of feminist activity? I think so.

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