Saturday, December 25, 2010

Birth Injuries

A story in The Guardian about birth injuries in the UK, particularly fistula.

We usually think of fistula as a condition which affects women in developing countries, but it happens here too. The article says that a post on Mumsnet (the UK mum forum) about birth injuries has garnered 1395 posts. Many woman are too embarrassed to get help, and it can effect their relationships and ability to work.

I've read a book about fistula in Australia - it happened to writer Susan Johnson, who underwent repeated surgeries and a colostomy. The book is called 'A Better Woman'.

I fractured my coccyx in childbirth, which was something I was never told could happen.

Do you think we need to be more open about injuries which could result from childbirth? I think we need to create the space where women can talk about what has happened to them, and allow them the support to get the help they need. But how much do we need to tell women who haven't had children? Would it scare them off childbirth?

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Sabrina Craig said...

It's too bad that you had to go through all that pain unaided. And you are right; every expecting mother should be told and forewarned regarding the complications that they might get after giving birth. That way, they can be emotionally prepared for it, as well as anticipate the need for medication or surgery, should it arise. Giving birth is one of the wonderful events that can happen to a woman. And it would be quite disheartening if this moment would cause trauma and fear for them instead.

Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney