Monday, January 03, 2011

Our holiday

We've just returned from a rare family holiday.

We went to a NSW Sport and Recreation camp, and it is something that I can recommend.

One payment covers accommodation, activities and all meals. I loved not having to cook and clean up, and the food was good. We loved trying new activities, the accommodation was fine, and the other families there were nice.

My oldest daughter turns out to be a good sailor. My middle girl tried everything that involved height and harnesses - climbing, giant swing and flying fox. My youngest was happy to have lots of people to socialise with and loved being at the pool. Turns out I'm not too shabby at archery. I learned that my oldest is lovely to go kayaking with. Everyone had time with everyone else in the family. And we had lots of time to read.

An added bonus was seeing fireworks on New Years Eve. In Sydney we have never ventured out for the mayhem on the Harbour. Up the coast we drove for five minutes, parked, waited on grass by the bay for five minutes, watched the spectacular display of fireworks (so 3D), and were back by 9.30pm. How cool is that?

The centre wasn't all booked out with families though. They also hosted a large group of deaf people, who we interacted with. The kids were interested to watch them. What I noticed was how open they were. None were connected to ipods or mobile phones - they were available for communication with the people they were with. I like that.

We're planning to go again next year. They also have holiday camps just for kids and my kids are interested in going on their own sometime, now they know how the whole camp thing operates.

Now back to the rest of our lives. I really have taken a break from thinking about our usual lives. I didn't make a list the whole time we were there. I even read a trashy novel - I won't be doing that in a hurry again...

An easy way to holiday.

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