Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting it all together

The term is starting to come together. Almost all our extra-curricular activities have begun, and, for me, uni officially begins on Monday. I must admit, our household is a bit of a mess.

It turns out the girls’ dance classes now finish later two nights a week. Clancy has something on before school four days a week. This is the child who, two years ago, said to me, ’Mum, don’t sign me up for anything. I’m good all day at school, but after school I just need to play or watch tv.’ Times have changed. Matilda has a music lesson before school at 7.20am. The schedule is getting pretty full. This week, we’ve been a little tripped up - quick dinners, homework not done.

Weekends, however, are mercifully quiet. This weekend we’ll be looking at at-home schedules, and household systems. The processes we will need to put into place to keep everything running smoothly. To avoid the rushing, frustration and shouting. It turns out that more scheduling means more scheduling. They need to plan their music practice, plan when to do their homework, plan when to clean their room and help out a home. I need to plan meals in advance, have dinner as early as possible, and keep the clutter at bay. And restrict the tv viewing. Most mums I talk to lately have either eliminated tv during the week, or severely restricted it.

Then I need my plan of getting uni work done, going to the gym, and keeping on top of the housework.

I'm sounding like a Tiger Mother, but alongside all this we have playdates, bike rides, games, singing and dancing.

Fail to plan; plan to fail. And keep breathing.

Wish me luck! All advice welcome.

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Lady Estrogen said...

Good luck!!

... and what's this about your friend being in MGF? Wow... and you were right, talk about party band. It was more than a gig, it was an experience to see them live, for sure! lol.

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