Saturday, February 05, 2011

It's Too Darn Hot

The children went back to school this week. We’ve just been trying to deal with the heat.

Sydney has had a weeklong heatwave. Last night at 1am the temperature was 30 degrees. This morning, the same. On Monday, after the first day back at school, we walked home in 39 degree heat. Clancy’s feet were burning through her shoes. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we went straight from school to the pool. We’ve been living on iceblocks and icecreams and cold drinks. Crackers and dip and fruit and cucumbers. Too hot to eat properly. Matilda has kindly been placing wet washers in the freezer and draping them on me. Banjo has kept up her chant of ‘can we go out?’ Two parties yesterday, (at one, at a park, a woman said to me, ‘you know, I’m much nicer under 27 degrees’) so today, sorry, no.

We don’t have air con, but have been using fans, which have worked well. We’ve needed them to be able to sleep.

I’ve been sorting out what I’m dong this year. Organising meetings and filling in forms. Turns out my uni enrolment for the Dip Ed is a big puzzle. Must do this unit first, that one with that, this one before that. I’ve enrolled in three subjects, although can drop one to do later. Turns out I have a residential school exactly the same time as the A-MIRCI conference, at which I was giving a paper, so I’ve had to think about priorities. For now, voluntary work and unpaid interests will have to take a back seat to the prospect of earning money. And I do want to earn some money - now (all suggestions welcome - I may be helping a local women look after her baby)and when I’m qualified to teach. So, disappointing, and I am still interested, but I won’t be able to attend the A-MIRCI conference afterall. I was planning to invite singer songwriters who are mothers to a panel discussion, and to play songs about mothering. Maybe next time.

During the holidays I drafted lots to blog about, but didn’t realise how hot a computer is. And I haven’t been to the gym this week. So, when it cools down a bit, it’s back to the to-do list and normal activities for me.

The heat should break today. We are all looking forward to it. Sydney will let out a collective sigh.

In the meantime, we have Ella Fitzgerald to keep us company.

And Marilyn singing Heatwave. (Which explains something about current music videos...)

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