Sunday, March 13, 2011

Female directors

Yesterday I posted a question to my online Theatre Studies class about the crop of acclaimed young (male) directors who include lots of shit and masturbation and porn in their productions. I'm talking Barrie Kosky and Benedict Andrews here. I asked whether women actually like these production, because I don't, and where are the acclaimed female directors? It seems to me these (male) directors are boys with toys - their vision is blokey and puerile. Base. Sensationalist. Are they really bringing something exciting to the world of theatre or is the Emperor wearing no clothes?

Today there is a piece in the SMH about theatre and film director Gale Edwards. Here's a snippet.

''But I've pursued the idea of being an artist my whole life to the detriment of having a home, having a family, having kids. All of which I regret but none of which I noticed at the time.

''I didn't wake up and make a decision not to get married and not to have children. I was working. I was privileged because the next thing would be offered. I was a bit like a cowboy - I wanted to go over the prairie and see what was on the other side.''

Once again. Motherhood and a creative life. Incompatible.

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