Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What do feminists do to get attention?

Undress, of course.

And I’m not just talking about Slutwalk.

There is a group in the Ukraine called Femen which initially formed to protest against the explosion of prostitution and sex tourism in their country. They protest by being topless. They have since campaigned about other issues, using other means,just as mud-wrestling. Most of the members of the group are young; the average age is 22. They are the most known feminist group in the Ukraine, where one in eight sex workers are university or school students.

Although some feminists believe the means of protest do a disservice to women, that is, reinforce sexualised stereotypes, a spokesperson for the group says “We don’t want to be traditional feminists.. Women’s organisations and groups here only write papers and nothing more. We need activists who will scream and leave their clothes in the street.”

Meanwhile, France is considering joining other European countries such as Sweden, Norway and Iceland, in making the buying of sex illegal. This means the client will be charged, fined and/or imprisoned. Some object to the move, saying it will simply make prostitution more dangerous for sex workers.

So, I guess the other way feminists can make change happen is by becoming politicians.


Melissa said...

I'm really not sure about the 'new' feminism. Not sure about Slutwalk. Is 'slut' a word we want/need to reclaim ? I mean, I get the theory, but I'm not 100% convinced. Sure, going topless gets media attention, but the less 'sexy' feminists trying to de-stigmatise public breastfeeding might be actually achieving more ? Don't know...

Motherhugger said...

Happy that young women are embracing feminism and taking action. Not so sure about identifying as sluts and taking off their clothes.
Taking off your clothes to get attention is playing by the rules you are protesting about. Must be another way. Time to be creative. (Take over the media??)

mike said...

Look at Gwen Jacob's topless victory that changed laws.,