Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adult friends - staying in the loop

How to see friends?

I've realised I live out my social life on the school playground. I get to see the school mums I like at school, but we rarely catch up beyond the school walls, kids' parties and playdate drop-offs. My other friends? If their kids aren't doing the same weekly activities as mine, then I just don't see them. The older I get, the faster the time goes, and I'm quite horrified when I realise it has been a year since I've seen some friends.

I've been trying to organise outings with my friends - adult outings, like in the night-time - like we did before we had kids - going to gigs and plays - and it is proving very difficult. People, ie, mothers, are either busy (ie, running around after their kids), too tired, or don't have any money to spend on themselves. What to do? (Other than just go on my own.)

So, my solution, which I'm trying to implement, is to do kid activities together. Not just a one off activity, but an ongoing activity. If that's how I see my friends, then I'll plan it that way. The other option, when my gym membership runs out, is to join the soccer team. Or a choir, or swimming group, and the walking group, and go to activities together that are part of the weekly routine. Everyone who can't be part of that kind of thing will be invited over more regularly. I can't let so much time pass by without seeing my friends.

School holidays and uni break - I have some dates to make.

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