Monday, June 13, 2011

Feminist edition of Granta magazine

The latest edition of Granta 115 - The F Word, has all female contributors. You can read some of the pieces online here. (A poem by Sharon Olds included.)

The Guardian has a podcast of interviews with Tea Obreht, who won The Orange Prize with her novel TheTiger's Wife, and the other finalists, as well as the editor of Granta. About literature and feminism. It goes for about 30 minutes.

Also, this piece about VS Naipaul having a go at female writers. Cheer as you read the comments. Avoid if you have had enough of men being dicks.


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Melissa said...

Thanks for the links...Chris introduced the "great man" himself a few years ago at the Seymour Centre. Apparently he's a wonderful stylist but that's the extent of his wonderfulness. What a twit!

Your Granta link ended up sending me back into my past...see blog for details!