Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More music for kids to dance to

Sharing some great dance ideas I’ve seen - because it’s all very well to say kids shouldn’t be dancing to this or that because the lyrical content is too adult, and that just dancing to Disney songs - the songs from the animated movies and the songs from current tween stars - is lazy, but then what? I love a good concept dance. I want children to know that music and dance (and art and literature) can be about anything. Any concept or idea or situation. I am the apeman. I am the walrus.

Anzac dance to I was Only 19, Oxygene
Japanese dance in kimonos
Flight attendant dance to Come Fly with Me
circus dance
spooky dance to Horror Movie, Ghostbuster, The Addams Family
garden dance to U2’s It‘s a Beautiful Day

Wizard of Oz Dance to Ease on Down the Road
School bullying dance to Caught in the Crowd - Kati Miller -Heidke
Istanbul/Constantipole - They Might be Giants
Aboriginal dance to Treaty
Theme to Six Feet under
Me and My Shadow
Theme from Friends

My six year old loves dancing to her Cyndi Lauper cd.

I like watching So You Think You Can Dance and seeing the creativity of the choreographers. Surely dancer teachers can find some inspiration there.

It so happens that I know someone who works for The Arts Unit for our state Department of Education. I asked her about music for kids to dance to. What are the structures in place to assist schools make these decisions? She said that some schools run the lyrics by the school principal. Mostly it is common sense. However, if a school dance group is to perform at a state dance performance, they need to submit the lyrics of the song for approval. If they don't change the song, they can dance to an instrumental version.

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