Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sickness gives you a rest

This is what I read in a Reader's Digest while waiting at the Dentist's. Having a cold can be good because it means you have to slow down. Clear the calender. It doesn't matter if you don't do all those things you'd planned.

Yeah, right.

The bugs have been getting their germy money's worth at Motherhugger Manor.

Let's see. Clancy had a temp and puked. Banjo had a temp and puked in my lap. Matilda had a cold. All had time off school. I had a cold for week - on my own - but no time to lie on the lounge. Clancy has had a temp for the last five days, which has turned into a cough. She went to school this arvo to participate in a band competition, and is now back on the lounge. Banjo now also has a temp and a cough.

I have a creative assignment due (every time I go online to read comments by my classmates I get more stressed about how lame mine is compared to theirs - I don't even know when I can get out of the house to post it), and an online test to do, and an exam in two weeks. I'm freaking out.

Still have had to run around after the well kids. Matilda has had debating and public speaking things to attend. I still had to pay the rent and buy bread.

Thanks to the mums who have driven my kids home.

So, two things. Well three. I don't know how many things - my brain is full.

No, Reader's Digest. You're wrong.

Oh, new rules. The sicker kid has the remote control.

Never give Banjo a bell.

And now the news that you aren't supposed to leave kids under the age of twelve alone at home or let them out and about, like walking to and from school. What are you supposed to do??


Melissa said...

I can pick it up and post it for you if you need me to :)

What's this under 12 rule ?
Never knew I was a law-breaker!

Motherhugger said...


There is no actual law that states an age. (16 is the age a child can sign a younger sibling out of daycare/school.) But if the police consider the parents to be irresponsible, they'll be charged. Very grey area.