Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Carbon Tax

While the newspapers are emphasisng what the carbon tax might mean to household food bills (and why they don't look at other items people purchase, eg, electrical gadgets, toys, clothes, I don't know, and how they can predict prices in 12 months time in our changing time, 'hello bananas' I don't know) and the compensation package (when we became a nation of people with our hands out for compensation for every bump in the road, I don't know - but I can't see my generation toughing things out like people did during WWII) I thought I'd share the wins of the Carbon Tax announcement.
  • A price on pollution which big polluters will have to pay: $23 per tonne of carbon
  • $10 Billion investment in renewable energy
  • 80% cut in Australia’s emissions by 2050
  • Assistance to vulnerable Australians totalling over $4 billion per annum
  • Starting to close the most polluting coal fired power stations and stop new ones from opening
  • $1B for the protection of Australia’s biodiversity, wildlife and woodlands.
Well done Australia. This is what we need. Tying the package to an overhaul of the personal tax system is a good move. And no, our household does not qualify for financial compensation. Our compensation is the possibility of a healthy planet. Thanks.

Now to pass it through Parliament...

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