Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some things about me

My friend Melissa, from Through The Wardrobe, recently gave me a Sweet Blog Award. I'm supposed to state ten things about me, then pass the award on to fifteen of my favourite blogs. The problem is I don't really have those kinds of blog relationships. The blogs I read are not really sweet, or the blogger would have no idea who I am, and I would just feel a bit weird about doing it. Like when my friend asked me to be her bridesmaid at her wedding. I'm just not the type. (She chose a man instead.) However, I did enjoy writing down some things about me. So much so I'm just going to share them anyway.

* My nickname as a child was Bones. In my twenties/early thirties it was Anoushka, Nooshy or Nooshyburger.

* When I was in Kindy I got the chicken pox and all my hair fell out. It grew back twice as thick. (So at that time I was skinny and bald.)

* At high school I was in a production of Godspell. I played the prodigal son, and met my first serious boyfriend. It gave me taste for performance. And cast parties.

* I won an award for songwriting, bestowed by SCALA. The songwriting partner and I had written three songs together in one night. It was our first attempt. There is a pic of me on their site.

* The first cd I bought was Jeff Buckley’s Grace (even though I had a tape of it). I was a late adopter because at uni I didn’t have a stereo with me - my records were in storage - I just had tapes. The first record I bought was probably an Abba album.

* The first big concert I went to was David Bowie, Serious Moonlight tour, at Sydney showground, in 1983. I wore a boxy orange jumpsuit.

* I fractured my coccyx birthing my second child.

* At 19 I made my sister in law’s wedding dress. Now, I darn socks.

* I’m pretty handy with a hoola hoop.

* Most of my clothes are from op shops. That’s the way I like it.

* As a child I would ask my mum to quiz me on who won what Academy Award as listed in the World Book Encyclopaedia, up to 1971, when Oliver! won best picture.

* In the car I still play mixed tapes I made for parties I gave in 1985 and about 1997. I also play a series of tapes of songs I recorded from 2SM’s Silver Jubilee of Rock in 1977.

* Stories of alien abduction totally freak me out!

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