Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bananas. Or yesterday and today.

That was the day that was.

Here’s a little rundown of yesterday, and today, so far.

The day began with my dream of being hunted by murderous kittens. I kid you not. I awoke later than I wanted to, which I attributed to having a cold, and Cyberbuy asking if I am supposed to be up already. Apparently he had been awake for ‘hours’. I got Clancy up, and she cried saying that it was too late to go to band practice. We could have made it if we hurried, but she said the band teacher would be mad if she wasn’t early, so she went back to bed. I had breakfast and a shower. The other children got up and had breakfast. Cyberguy spent the morning yelling at Banjo, and making her scared and sad. She said he had poisoned her breakfast. He got angrier. I tried to muster the children in the right direction. Matilda was ready to walk to school, but Banjo wanted to walk with her but wasn’t ready, and Clancy only likes walking if we go the longer way. We were planing to walk together the long way. Then Cyberguy had a shower and was shouting ‘help me!.’ He was stuck inside the broken shower door. I had meant to tell him it was broken but forgot. He yelled at me and called me a prick. With no time to trade insults I left him there and drove the children to school. When I came back he was out of the shower (he’d dismantled the doors) and I drove him to the train station. Then I got some petrol, so I could give a child a $5 note for a sausage and can of drink lunch at the school fundraiser, and popped into the shops to pick up some buns, a lottery ticket and four small bananas at $7.99 a kilo.

Home again. Looked at emails and the SMH’s stupid story on Kristina Kineally’s new hairstyle. Reworked some writing for my first assignment. Ate. Tried to find my notes so I could blog about the mothering conference, but I've lost them. In the post received my free birthday ticket to the movies, so I might see Jane Eyre sometime in the next few weeks. Off to school at 11 for open day bearing boxes of tissues for classrooms. Visit three. Chat to other mums. Home again and submit first assignment. Ate. Packed for after school dance classes. Back to school at 1.30 for debate. Our team lost by a whisker. The adjudicator said it was the best primary school debate he’d seen. Home again to finish packing, and downloaded this week’s readings (I’m already behind). My friend rang to say her son’s party planned for the weekend was cancelled as he doesn’t want a party. There goes my social life. Back to school to pick up children. Clancy fell over at school and didn’t want to dance. Banjo was invited to a friend’s place for a playdate. Home. Sort the fete craft we’ve made. Took Matilda to dancing. Told the dance school principal that Banjo is dropping out of her class because they aren’t dancing to Cyndi Lauper. She said there will be a different teacher from next week. Back to pick up Banjo and drop off the craft items. Home to prepare dinner - shepherd’s pie so I could use up leftover mashed potato. Then off again to pick up Matilda from ballet. We saw the end of the class and Matilda fell onto her arm. She was shaken and crying. She puked into the bin. One of the assistant teachers is a trainee paramedic and checked her out. Got ice and a sling. She secured the ice in the sling. Asked if she had eaten anything unusual today. A banana? Made sure she was OK, gave us a vomit bag for the journey home. On the way to the car I sneezed a few times and wet my pants. We went home and I finished making dinner. Clancy was grazed in several places. Matilda feeling better but her arm, hand and wrist are sore. The Principal of the dance school called to check that Matilda was OK while Helen Reddy was singing ‘I am Woman’ on the radio. We ate. Banjo said she’ll go back to her class if there is a new teacher. Cyberguy came home and fixed the shower door. The children settled in their beds. Matilda got up, distressed, so I settled her in my bed. I told her I can take her to the doctor in the morning if she wants. I took an antihistamine and went to bed.

Morning, while discussing going to the doctor’s Clancy says she wants to stay home from school. I say I could take her to the doctor too, for her cough she’s had for two months. Matilda decides to go to school. Banjo drops her breakfast bowl on her foot and the bowl smashes on the floor. I write notes for two injured children and drive them to school. Then home for a shower. I drop off at school the project and jacket that the children accidentally left at home, and take Clancy to the doctor, who puts her on antibiotics for the crackle in the lung. The doctor says that Matilda’s arm might be fractured. I’ll take her for an x-ray tomorrow.


Melissa said...

Oh my. That's a bad day alright! I really hope the arm isn't fractured :(

I don't know how you do it...honestly, that's a whole lot of running around in one day.

Is it at all possible that you could prioritise uni and let the kids do one activity each in the week ?

Sounds like you all need a mental health day (( hugs ))

Motherhugger said...

The funny thing is it doesn't feel like a bad day. Just a regular day. I'm not frazzled. Must be getting used to it. All part of life.

I do some study while the children are at their activities, so that's usually win win.

We'll have a mental health, and general health, weekend (I hope.)

Motherhugger said...

Arm not fractured, but still sore. Clancy now has a high temp. Banjo wants us to go to the beach. One child in high spirits.