Saturday, August 13, 2011

Motherhood: The Musical - recommended

Last Night I saw Motherhood: The Musical and it was great fun. The audience enjoyed it wholeheartedly. Good on Sue Fabisch for writing the show. It has played in the US the last few years, and I hope it is regularly revived here. It deserves an audience. There are so many talented musical theatre performers in this country, and little opportunity for them beyond the big, expensive, cookie cutter musicals from Cameron Macintoch, so it is great to see them given this opportunity to perform. There needs to be room for smaller musicals as well. Granted, most of the audience were women, and it was probably mothers who laughed the hardest (we get the jokes) but I suspect it would also appeal to a wider audience (or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.)

Review from SMH here.

True that it offers no great insights or solutions. But that doesn't matter. My view, today, is that it is enough that we see ourselves onstage. It's an accessable and enjoyable entertainment. (Which leaves room for another, slightly different type of musical about motherhood...)

You can buy the soundtrack here.

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