Monday, August 08, 2011

Raising a wee activist

Here is the letter Matilda wrote this afternoon after reading the note she brought home from school. She's eleven.

To P&C Fete Committee,

Every second year, I look forward to, and enjoy, the (School) Fete. This year I am sure that it will be better than ever, except for the gender stereotypical note asking for donations to the Tombola stall.

The note requests:

  1. Toys for girls up to the value of $10 wrapped in pink paper
  2. Toys for boys up to the value of $10 wrapped in blue paper

Surely the committee doesn’t think that only girls would like “girls toys” wrapped in pink paper. And I am sure that it’s not only boys who like “boys toys” in blue paper. I would also like to ask you what you define as a boy or girl toy. Boys don’t only want dinosaur toys and Hotwheels and girls don’t all share a desire for Barbies and anything pink. As well as this, I remember that even in pre-school the concept of separate boy and girl colours was always meant to be avoided. How can this be encouraged by a primary school fete committee!

What I am trying to tell you is that our whole world is trying to eliminate gender stereotypes so why shouldn’t our fete? I understand that you can’t change that note, but I hope that in the future our entire school community is aware that gender stereotypes are not acceptable in today’s society.


(her name)

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Melita said...

Please tell your daughter she is my hero of the week.