Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shamelessly promoting the work of friends

Yes, this post is shamelessly promoting the work of friends. Simple as that.

Anyone who makes their own work, pursues their ideas and talents, is someone I'm happy to support.

My friend, Paul Barry, an actor who lives in LA, is putting together a project to make a documentary about his finance's grandmother, and her experience in Poland during WWII.

My friend, Sophie Ruggles, who now lives in Barcelona, has made a cookbook and blogs about cooking. Her book is the book I needed when I first started feeding my kids, because I was clueless. It's a really good book. We met as teenagers. I remember when she was a single mum with a toddler she made sandwiches to sell to local businesses. She has always had a lot of initiative and drive and creativity.

Joan Garvan is President of the Australian branch of MIRCI (Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement). She recently was awarded her PhD from ANU, and has put together this site of resources re mothering.

Heidi Goh has written and illustrated a children’s book called York’s Universe. It is being launched at Better Read Than Dead at Newtown in September.

Rebekka Neville is a jazz singer. We met years ago at jazz workshops. She sings as part of a duo, trio, quartet. She's now also in my babysitting club.

The Jessamine cd launch is happening tonight. I met Jess when she was eleven. My share house was next door to her family home, and the households kind of merged. While at school Jess and her friends formed the band Nitocris. She now fronts her own band, Jessamine (and, yes, that's her real name.)

Bunny Hoopstar, our hoop teacher, has contributed to this book, Amongst Sisters, which is being launched in Marrickville this month.

I have other friends who have started and run their own businesses, but that's enough for now. Well done all!

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