Sunday, September 25, 2011

Christmas gift ideas (or things I like online)

Three months away, I know, but I like to get a jump on ideas for Christmas presents.

We don’t want to bring a whole lot of new stuff into the house. So we shop carefully. Lots of what we buy is second hand. And we try to give gifts of experience.

So here are the ideas on the boil for Christmas this year.

I’m thinking of giving all the kids (and maybe CyberGuy) an annual pass to Luna Park.

Tickets to see the musical Annie.

Matilda is having some extra dance classes.

I’ve bought Clancy some books and kids cds online (I did this when the Australian dollar starting going down). They’re second hand. She helped choose, and included some Horrible Histories books. (I’m stocking up on kids cds that I’ve bought online as gifts for kids for birthday presents too. Partly because it is hard to buy for other people’s kids - they mostly have everything they could want - and partly because there is a gap in the Australian market for cds for kids. Many more available OS than here, and they’re good - we like them.)

Banjo wants some hair accessories and toys for hairstyling. So, I’ll get her that. She wants some more Fancy Nancy books too.

Here are links to some other things I like. I’m not saying I’m getting all these - just that I like them. (I’ll wait and see how the Australian dollar goes...)

I love looking at ModCloth - the retro styles suit me. It’s the site I take my eyes to for a rest. I've already worn lost of these styles, so it's kind of a nostalgic fashion trip for me. Or I've found these styles in op-shops, so I don't need to buy from the site.

However, I do like this bag. There is also a Great Gatsby bag and t shirt.

And I love their swimmers.

And this hedgehog doormat

I like these t shirts with Harry Potter slogans. (I like the ‘Keep Calm and Drink Tea’ one too.)

And I like the Luna quotes too.

And I like these instructional dance and exercise videos, Some of them are very affordable (and there are some I’d like for myself or might suggest for the dance program at school.)

I’ll get CyberGuy some books on rock music, or classic rock t shirts.

I’ll get my sisters some finds from op shops that suit them, or maybe a cd each. I’ll ask what they want.

For myself, I only ever want books or cds. I've kept my list of wants on a very large Amazon Wishlist for the last few years - it documents my interests. I know where to keep books and cds in the house - on shelves. (Although I'm just as happy to use the ones at the library.) Tickets to shows are always nice too. And lovely tea. I never want anything else really.

And Christmas shopping is done. That’s it!

Do you have any good ideas for gifts of experience for Christmas?

Are there any online shops you keep coming back to?

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Melissa said...

Oh God, not Christmas! Is it really going to be Christmas again ? Why can't we have Christmas once every...five years!

I have no idea what I will buy anyone. but your links look good :)