Saturday, September 10, 2011

Missrepresentation - a film about how women are portrayed in the media

Thanks to Joan for sharing this. A trailor for a new film from the US called Missrepresentation about how powerful women are portrayed in the media, and how this impacts on young people. Have a look.

Whatever the media do badly, they could do well. Time for a change.

There is also a website where people who support the ideas in the film are asked to take action by speaking out about demeaning representations of women and girls.

Part of what I've done to encourage change is supporting New Moon Girls. This is a feminist magazine for girls that exists online and in hardcopy that is created by and for girls. My eleven year old daughter has a subscription and enjoys participating in the site, including safe online chat. It is run from the US by mums who became the change they wanted to see.

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