Thursday, October 20, 2011

Child Sacrifice in Uganda

Some very disturbing things going on in Africa.

I can't argue that children have been sacrificed in a lot of cultures throughout history, so perhaps it is on a spectrum of normal human behaviour. It is unimaginable how anyone could think this is OK.

Albinos are being murdered and their remains sold to witch doctors in Tanzania. Children are being murdered for ritual sacrifice in Uganda. People who go to witch doctors there believe that sacrificing a child will bring them prosperity or protect their wealth. About 900 children have been sacrificed. Numbers have increased over the last three years as Uganda has become more prosperous.

The Jubilee Campaign, an organisation operating out of the UK, is asking that people support their work by signing their petition, or donating money. They also work to free children from prison, and remove children from brothels. Just heartbreaking.

Have a look at the Jubilee Campaign.

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