Sunday, October 02, 2011

Playboy at Diva

The jewellery store, Diva, has a new range of Playboy jewellery. Have a look. For many girls, this kind of shop is their first foray into buying jewellery. Diva knows that selling Playboy merchandise offends some people, but, according to the message at the bottom of their homepage, they don't care.

If you think it is wrong to market porn industry products to young girls, here's what you can do.

Write to Diva here:

You can let them know what you think on their Facebook page.

Phone them: 02 9938 3311 or 1300 348 228

Collective Shout has a petition you can sign.

Or read the post here


Melissa said...

They have taken down the signs advertising the Playboy range but still have the range in a prominent position. Hopeless!

Talia said...

They're deleting all concerns expressed on their FB page and not responding at all. I was a concerned customer and now I'm an outraged former customer!
Stocking PB alongside winnie the Pooh is not ok and porn is not somehitng I should have to explain to my 9 year old (which I had to when she wanted to know why I wouldn't buy her the "Miss April" PB necklace!!!
Very poor form Diva...

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