Saturday, November 12, 2011

Motherhugger at 10000 views, and other statistics

So excited. My blog has received 10000 views. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog.

My most popular posts are Other Words for Sexy and Hot, Music for Kids to Dance to, and Feminism Now: A Snapshot.

My readers are mostly from Australia, US, UK, Russia, Canada and Germany.

In honour of the occasion, I’m sharing some other statistics.

Lets see how the world is tracking.

Have a look here for a whole lot of interesting numbers about worldwide issues.

And here, to see how you place amongst the world’s population.

I should add, that while I’m excited that my blog has received 10000 views, my partner’s website has received over 3 million hits. His website has spawned a book, a dvd and a stage musical.

Something for my humble blog to aspire to...

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