Wednesday, December 21, 2011

News roundup

Enough navel gazing. Time to look up and see what’s going on in the world, courtesy, mostly, of the last few editions of The Guardian Weekly. I’ve leave out the news of the Eurozone and major world events. More on big picture news later. Here are some smaller stories.

* Tokelau, a Pacific micro-state of 1,500 people, has announced that it has planned to switch entirely to renewable energy. Energy will come from solar panels and coconut oil. It plans to lead the world in renewable energy and in carbon emissions savings per person. The island has the most to lose due to climate change and rising sea levels. Inhabitants have no intention of leaving and want to preserve their culture for future generations. They are sending a message and setting an example. There are three cars on the island.

* One in three children in the UK does not own a book. More girls than boys are bookless. This is up from one in ten in 2005. Children who have their own books are more likely to do better at school.

* Liking vegetables may begin in the womb. What mothers eat whilst pregnant can shape their children’s food preferences. Researchers say that prenatal flavour learning can impact on rates of diabetes and obesity.

* In the UK the divorce rate is up for the first time in seven years. The recession is being blamed.

* Metallica and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers have brought forward their European tours in order to not lose money from the falling euro.

* France is aiming to follow Sweden and Iceland in banning prostitution.

* Sylvia Plath’s drawing have been exhibited and sold in London. They’re good. Is it any more personal for fans to have her artworks than her writing?

And two links.

One about workers in factories that make toys in China.

And one about the the top ten women of 2011. Lots of women active for change.

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