Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why isn’t there a radio station for children?

Can you imagine a radio station for children? With different programs for different age groups and interests? With a science show, a book show, audio books, maybe an advice show, dance music, classical music, all sort of music that’s suitable for kids. It could use stories from adult radio that kids would be interested in, like the story of the artist who uses Lego. Stories from the ABC and BBC and USA radio shows. It would be brilliant.

Why doesn't it exist?


Jill in a Box said...

Hi, you might be interested in this - an hour-long radio program made by musician Frances England about the making of her latest album, along with interviews and other interesting stuff for kids. It's not a children's radio station, but it's an interesting children's radio program. It is the second item in the diary post.

Joannie said...

Hi, What a great idea. I love the radio. I contributed a couple of segments to our local community radio some time ago. I think half of it is just having idea myself. There would be plenty of talented mums and dads out there who would probably love to do something. Remembering though that putting a program together takes time and focus. One of my friends was one of those creative types who was always coming up with ideas. She ran a German play group at one stage and the mums (generally) organised things for themselves to do - like marbelling, making cheese etc. - and the kids helped out. I reckon this makes sense as most of the activities in playgroups are at least lead by the parents and its great for kids to learn to help their parents. It could be good if there was a playgroup organised around putting together a radio program for kids - do you know any parents who could be interested?? J