Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How are women going?

This is one of those posts where I’ve read a few a things lately that seems to add up to a bigger picture about how women are going.

The commenters might be more informed and intelligent than the writer of the original article here, about how women have fared in 2011(briefly). The only part worth repeating is the stat that although women make up 40% of the world’s workforce, they own 1% of the wealth. This and the following comments about how religious women might be complicit with keeping women from power.

‘Having been part of the womens rights movement in the 60's it seems that we have lost more than we've gained. I was in Iran before the Shah was deposed and when women had equal rights , educated, received good medical care and were proud participants of government and business alike. I was in Israel where I was beaten up for not being an Israeli born Jewess, I was beaten and raped in Pakistan for being a white woman. In all this I had not yet turned 16. Still this is nothing compared to the scape-goating that women are receiving now in most parts of the world due to the abuse of power, religious fundamentalism and educational decline. Why are those in such positions of power so intent on keeping women from participating and decision making - what are they afraid of ? This is now a global catastrophy - look at our world now. What have women done to deserve this? I despair for us, now and the generations to come. Where are all you ladies of the sixties ? What did we fight for .... this !!!!! Come on women and all enlighted people everywhere and all you pioneers of the 60's. We didnt go through all that for women to be so abused and mistreated on every conceivable human level and practically all over the world. Forget the politicians - they are limited. We need a new kind of people powered women's revolution to aid our sisters the world over. I would start one if I knew more about tweets facebook etc, alas I am a uselss old maid when it comes to technology (I've only just mastered this comment stuff)- but I am sure there are those of you out there that can start a new womens social revolution to protect our sisters who suffer these dispicable outrages against their person and their fundamental human rights and liberty. Someone somewhere lets get together and take ACTION. Everyone women is important in this world and they need our help. All feasable constructive and ingenious ideas welcome.’

Then I read Leslie Cannold's piece about gender equality under secular and religious law.

And this piece from the site Women's Views News about the latest stats on gender equity in various countries.

And a piece by man who writes for The Huffington Post about how women are put down by men, and a strategy he calls gaslighting, which belittles women's instincts and opinions.

All very well to identify the problems. I can understand the frustration of the commenter who was part of the women's movement in the 60s and despairs at the lack of progress. Where to from here?

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Elisabeth said...

Where to indeed? Back to the drawing board or is not like with most development: two steps forward and one step back repeatedly.

Let's hope we're in a one step phase ready to take two steps forward, but how? It's bigger than just separate individuals, however well intentioned. It needs a crowd.