Saturday, March 31, 2012

The death of Adrienne Rich

Here is a link to the NYT obituary for Adrienne Rich, feminist poet and activist.

Adrienne Rich, Feminist Poet and Author, Dies at 82

Adrienne Rich’s Of Woman Born, published in 1976, was the first book to examine motherhood as socially constructed under a patriarchy. She gave us the language with which to theorise motherhood.

And a note from Andrea O'Reilly, head of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement, based at York University, Toronto, wrote:

A sad day indeed for feminist mother scholars around the world; we lost our Adrienne Rich. I recd the news minutes before I had to teach my Intro to WMST have not even had the time to process this loss or attempt to put my love and grief into words. I can only say now--and i hope i may be more articulate later-- that it was Rich who saved so many of us --in theory and practice-- from patriarchal motherhood and made possible empowered mothering. Thank you Adrienne for being the original Mother Outlaw and enabling us to be and do the same. You are deeply loved and will be missed.

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