Sunday, March 11, 2012

Questions for real matchmaking.

My partner and I were matched at the Desperate and Dateless Ball.

When my sister and I met him and his flatmate, my sister said, ‘he’s for you’ and that was it.

In order to be matched we answered a few questions, but really I think we were matched because we lived near each other and are close in age.

We’ve since attended a number of weddings together and seen those couples break up.

So, here are my questions I would suggest people ask each other before they make a commitment together (our commitment was having three children together).

Do you recycle? Do you feel the need to buy the latest everything, and update the appliances as a matter of style, or do you believe we need to use the earth’s resources carefully?

Do you want to have children?

What do you believe about children? Are they born bad and need to be bent to the will of adults in order to succumb to societal rules, or are they born innocent and just trying to have their needs met even if meeting those needs may not be convenient for adults?

Do you think your own parents did a good job? Were they good role models for you?

Do you believe in a god? How do you feel about religion? How accepting are you of people belonging to religious groups?

What do you believe in? Astrology? Aliens? Ghosts? The power of crystals?

What is your attitude to money? That rich people are mean or that they’re lucky? That people are poor through their own fault? That money is to be hoarded? To be squandered? That it represents something?

Hoarding. Are you happy to get rid of things? Or do you feel the need to hold onto objects.

What level of tidy / messy are you comfortable living in? Are you happy to do household cleaning?

Attitude to food. What do you eat and not eat? Do you make everything from scratch, or eat from packets? What is food for?

What music do you like? How loud do you like it?

Sport. For watching or playing? How often? Do you follow a team? How closely?

Smoking and drinking. What, and how much? How does it affect you?

Where do you want to live? City? Country? By the sea? In a house of mud? Wood? Stone?

I think that covers just about everything. Helps me remember that my partner and I really are well matched!

What questions would you put on a matchmaking questionnaire?


sister outlaws said...

Wow! You should run a service where couples talk to you before committing!! Sometimes before you have children you don't truly know the nitty gritty of how you will parent. Fortunately, my partner and I agree on the big stuff but there are many things we do differently. Mums and Dads can do things differently and have slightly different rules - the kids love that - as long as everyone is tolerant and keeps the big picture in focus.

sister outlaws said...

Oh and I think levels of hoarding and standards of tidyness are important.I often reflect on how well matched my partner and I are on those things.