Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Morning

We're not big on Easter eggs, and I've never done the Easter bunny. Actually, I've only gone back to eating chocolate after about ten years of eating none. Last year I babysat for a family just after Easter and the children had large piles of chocolate - about 40 eggs and bunnies each. Anyway, this year I've bought a few more treats for the kids. And because I don't do the Easter bunny, Clancy hid my egg and made a treasure hint. Here are her clues.

Chocolate is a galaxy so here is your first clue.
PS if in doubt remember to look behind you
Paper, lots of paper, but sometimes running out
Of white sheets that we really need.
You should really be in doubt.

Clothes, lots of clothes.
Banjo has the most.
Matilda has so little.
She doesn’t mean to boast.
High clothes and low clothes
I sometimes cannot reach.
Clothes for the mountains
Clothes for the beach.

You’ve got one more to find
You should be able to find it,
that is if you’re not blind.
Look outside and you may find
a beautiful Easter egg.
But don’t be too hasty
‘Cause you might fall off the edge.

It was in a tree in the backyard!

Happy Easter.

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