Thursday, April 05, 2012

A Woman of a Certain Age

This week I've been referred to as 'the lady', 'that woman', and 'someone', even though I was right there - 'Hello! I'm the someone!' That's what I said.

Is this the invisibility of an aging woman?

Or have I just encountered some rude people this week?

I do seem to be visible at the baking aisle of the supermarket. People consult me. 'Yes I have used that brand of flour. Yes it is fine for making white sauce.' Matronly.

I'm not exactly shy, and I do often wear bright colours. If I was more retiring, or not so determined, or not feeling well, I'd be quite hurt.

And while I need to dress for function (I really can't see myself getting around like the women featured in Advanced Style) it would be nice to not be invisible. Time to speak out against rudeness perhaps, or make a point of introducing myself to everyone, multiple times.

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