Sunday, May 06, 2012

I feel like things are changing

There has been so much public discussion about feminism lately, I really feel like things are changing.

Yes, it really is me here. Me not being a tired pessimist.

The reasons for my optimism?

Feminist mother blogger bluemilk was approached by Fairfax to write for the Daily Life pages. About feminist mothering. That's big. She keeps up to date with the big and small conversations about feminism. I really don't know how she manages to read the amount she does. She's intelligent, thoughtful and insightful. She also has  a serious job, and two kids, and is involved in her community. She's some kind of wonder, and I'm so happy I'll get to meet her (again) when she joins us at the Mamapalooza Wordsmith forum at Tap Gallery on Mothers' Day. At Daily Life she joins Clem Bastow and Clementine Ford, who also write about feminism.

You can read bluemilk's piece here:

And there are more.

Musings of an Inappropriate Woman, the blog by Rachel Hills, also is a great place where feminism is discussed. And I love her picks for best of the rest of the net. 

The newsletter of the Women's Electoral Lobby also compiles feminist events and issues from around the world, and is worth subscribing to.

The Hoopla, News With Nipples, Feministe, Hoyden About Town. Reports of grassroots action in the UK and the US. Sydney Writer's Festival and other public forums. It's all going on.

Gives me hope, it does, and makes me think it is OK for me the settle back a tiny bit. Still speak out, yes. But it's OK to do some other things as well.

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blue milk said...

This was such a lovely post to come across, thank you for writing that. I feel terribly flattered. Look forward to seeing you soon.