Monday, November 05, 2012

Nearly Normal

Today my bloods are closer to normal than they have been since this whole thing started. They’ve been up. They’ve been down. There was nowhere else to go. My wcc today is 17 (a little high). My HB 94 (a little low). My platelets 271 (OK) and my neutrophils 14.8 (close enough).

On my pathology request form today I noticed my condition as ‘CML with blast crisis.’ That’s bad. I told them I’d feel a lot better if it just said ‘CML’.

Today, I said to my doctor that I’m thinking, optimistically,  these first two months of investigations and getting me stablised could be the worst part of the whole disease. That is, if the bone marrow biopsy in a few weeks shows no accelerated or blast cells. She said that’s possible. And hopeful. Once I’m stable, I could tick along on my medication (the side effects are not so bad on the lower dose, although I’m still needing a nap every day) with a blood test every few months to just check I’m still OK. However, if the bone marrow biopsy shows no remission, I might be moving onto more aggressive treatment, and that means chemo and/or a bone marrow transplant.

Here’s hoping the worst part is these few months.

Apparently, I’m looking normal. Lets hope the inside soon matches the outside.

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