Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Break 2013

I just heard on the radio about a group in London called Sunday Assembly. They have formed a non-denominational, deconsecrated church, meeting each month for singing songs, listening to readings and a guest speaker, and quiet reflection/meditation. Their tenets are: Help Often, Live Better, Wonder More. They meet to provide the kind of rituals and community and benefits of being part of a church, without the religion. I’ve often thought this is something I’d like to be involved in. We could start one in Sydney. Or, if we don’t agree with all the requirements of a branch (giving 10% of donations to Head Office) we could start our own version and call it something else. More information here.

If Sunday Assemblies are established in Australia, perhaps they can qualify for the DGR (deductible gift recipient) status, then merge with Primary Ethics, and the teaching of ethics classes in NSW primary schools will be financially supported. I know it has been reported in the press that the classes are at risk. I find that hard to believe considering how much work has been done on so little money. The volunteers are many. The two people who work in the office are overwhelmed, dealing with internal processes, after having established the whole system,  and thinking about external issues as well. They must be exhausted. The issue now is sustainability. We need to employ more people to run the organisation. For me, the matter of providing ethics classes to primary school students is one of discrimination. It isn’t OK to say any group of students is to be given no instruction during a portion of the school day. This is the policy that applies to students in non-scripture.  If you want to help, click here.

Meanwhile, I’m looking through Jesus for the Non-Religious, by John Shelby Spong., learning about how Easter is based on Jewish celebrations. (I know there are pagan basises too.) Very interesting.

Also, I’m trying to stay out of hospital. I spent Christmas eve and morning in hospital and I don’t want to be in there for Easter Sunday. My blood counts are OK. The problem is I have an insect bite on my leg, and it has come up in a big, nasty looking sore. I need to keep an eye on it. If it gets worse I need to go to hospital. Antihistamines are doing nothing for it. I haven’t been bitten by mosquitoes or anything since I was diagnosed (they don’t want my blood), and I didn’t see what bit me - it could have been a white tailed spider. I just woke up the other day with the bite. So, I’m looking for a medical centre that is open over the holidays so I can start on antibiotics.

It looks like my hair going to skip being salt and pepper and just be salt. I’m letting you know so you won’t be shocked when you see me with white hair.

I’m hoping for a relaxing long weekend, just pottering about at home, and hope you are enjoying the break too.

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