Thursday, October 10, 2013

Povvo Cooking

Now that we’ve been unemployed for nine months while my partner has been stay-at-home carer, I figure it’s time to try to save money on groceries, and try to waste less food. I went to a workshop run by local council. We were told that, in our council area, 30% of the waste in the red bins is food. We compost, and try to not create much waste, and our red bin is fairly empty each week. Even so, I know we can do better. More meal plans using up what we have, and buying a few fresh ingredients regularly is the way I’m going (because I have the time). Luckily, people who know about these things are happy to share. So here are some resources I’m using.

Jamie Oliver’s new tv show and book, Save With Jamie. Some ideas here I hadn’t considered before, especially variations on toasted sandwiches (quesadillas, piadinas). And he has tips on using your freezer and pantry well. I don’t have a food processor though, and avoid some recipes on the basis of not wanting to do lots of washing up.

A Girl Called Jack
Jack is a single mum in the UK, who was being fed by a food bank. She has been documenting her journey. She now writes for The Guardian, and is the voice of those on welfare. And she’s got a book deal. I’m really happy for her. Her recipes are easy and simple and I like them. The Easy Peasy Soda Bread tastes like scone.

Stone Soup
This site is run by Jules Clancy, who has a qualification in food science. I like her free online five-ingredient recipe book. She also has occasional free online training videos. It isn’t all about recipes - it’s also about storage and organisation.

Zero Waste Home
Bea Johnson, a French woman who lives in San Francisco, is the queen of zero waste. She’s an inspiration. I’ve been reading her site for years.
She’s now released a book. Here is an interview with her in which she shows her waste for the year (it fits in a jar!)

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