Monday, September 22, 2014

I have a passion for using the correct word*

I’ve already had my rant about the overuse of the word ‘grab’.

I also take issue with the use of the word ‘nightmare’. Too often I’ve heard people say things like ‘the renovation is such a nightmare!’. Well, no. You can afford to update a house you own. It is an inconvenience, and manageable, and you chose to do it. Being a woman in the DRC or Afghanistan would be a nightmare. Being raped in front of your children would be a nightmare. Being caught in a tsunami would be a nightmare. Have some perspective.

Recently I’ve added another to my list.

When I used to read the mum forums whenever there was a disagreement someone would say ‘we’re all passionate mums’. I thought the use of the word was silly then. The silliness has grown.

I had someone say to me recently ‘oh, so you’re passionate about road safety’. No. I’m concerned about road safety. I care about children not being killed getting to school. Lets save passion for passion.

My partner was asked at a job interview what he is passionate about. The correct answer was supposed to be ‘coding’, which would be ridiculous.

I’m expecting to be asked the same question when I’m applying for jobs, but it’s one I just can’t take seriously. Better to ask what I care about, or what I’m concerned about . Or what I’m compassionate about. That I can answer truthfully.

Lets leave passion for the bedroom (or anywhere else you might like to encounter your preferred sex partner).

* This doesn't mean I always do use the correct word. But I try to, and I'm willing to learn.


sister outlaws said...

I agree! So many word uses annoy me silly. Another is "absolutely" all the time. Really? Absolutely? It's all such hyperbole and a reflection on the media that surrounds us - the commodification of our own lives and how we seem to "Market" ourselves. Another word I can't stand is "wrangling" for parenting. I DO NOT "wrangle" my children like animals! I parent them! I'm starting a new blog called "the rantechamber" and will be seeking out guest rants. I will be in touch!

Motherhugger said...

I'm happy to contribute, Sister Outlaw!