Monday, December 01, 2014

A tale of three schools

I did some fundraising recently for one of my kid's schools. Lets call it school A. I approached businesses for donations we could give as prizes for our Trivia Night. It was fun. Very sociable. People were kind. It took longer than I expected but I enjoyed it. The event didn't raise a lot of money, but that wasn't our intention. I enjoyed giving prizes to lots of people who volunteer their time for the school.

I attended the P&C of another of my kid's schools. Lets call it school C. The funding is being reduced, because the demographic of the local area is changing. The school could do with some assistance and greater parental participation.

I received an email from another of my kids' schools. Lets call it school F. They are doing fundraising for their band event. I agreed to buy some food to contribute, and emailed back, saying I'd just done fundraising for another school, and after emailing certain businesses they sent us tickets we gave as prizes. The reply came. Oh, yes, we usually receive tickets from the Sydney Symphony, etc, but mostly our prizes are donations from parents, including one from an artist parent (there are other known figures who are parents at the school). I'm feeling a little embarrassed. Then another email. I seem to be a good person to take over the fundraising role for the band (which happens to be going to Europe next year). Would I like to take on the role?


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