Thursday, March 19, 2015

This makes me angry

Yesterday I watched this.

WRONG LINK - WILL REPLACE - this one is like Hi-5!

It's creepy. And sinister.

There are people who put lots of time and money and energy into trying to access other people's children to convert them into Christians.

Today I watched a video about people suffering from food insecurity.

Aside from it being unethical to use public schools to convert children to a religion, something else bothers me. And that's the waste.

There are real problems in the world that require our attention. It makes me angry that so many people are focused on an issue that is not based on anything real. Their faith may be real, but the existence of their god isn't proven, or even likely. In the history of the world so much brain power, time, effort, money and activism has been wasted on something that, I believe, doesn't exist. It makes me mad that all this power could have been brought to bear on real problems, real issues, ones that are measurable, visible, knowable. When people are trying to work out what their holy book really means, it is just a waste of time. It is a text. The 'true meaning' is constructed. The is no one true meaning. The intention of their god, if gods exit, is unknowable. All this focus on religion is a waste of time, money, energy, resources, skills, understanding, knowledge and good sense.

Do something else. Do something useful. Deal with a real problem.

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