Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Association for Research on Mothering Conference - coming soon!

The Association for Research on Mothering - Australia, is holding its conference at the University of Queensland on July 2 - 4. I'll be presenting a paper in the same session as the founder, Andrea O'Reilly from York Univeristy in Toronto, Cananda. I'm excited!

The conference is called "The Mother" and History: Past/Present/Future.

There will presenters from Turkey, New Zealand, India, Finland, and universities all around Australia. Last time we met the academics said this was the only conference they attended where they could admit they had children.

It should be really interesting.

The topics cover literature, medicine, law, breastmilk, visual arts, media, mentoring, activism, carework and poetry.

Anyone can attend. When I went to the last one two years ago, I really felt I'd found a home. If you can make it, I recommend that you come to the conference. It is inspirational!

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