Sunday, June 14, 2009

A poem I wrote about the early days of motherhood

From Selfishness to Servitude

From kitten heels to kitten breath
From hanging out with friends to hanging over the cot
From reading alone to reading aloud
From dancing til the small hours of the morning to driving to the hospital in the small hours of the morning
From taking a break from work to seeing no break in sight
From sitting in a pub, with cleavage, to sitting in a rocking chair, tits out
From 'please' and 'thankyou' to 'just co-operate and no-one will get hurt'
From enjoying a bit of romance to believing romance to be a ploy to entice women into a life of domestic service
From wearing jewellery to wearing those badges of parenthood, puke and snot
From aerobics classes to pelvic floor exercises
From feminist to fifties housewife
From aching for a baby to aching all over
From 'bloody hell' to 'good heavens'
From margaritas to metamucil
From researching vacations to researching vaccinations
From The Arts to toddler craft
From sleeping in as a luxury to sleeping whenever you can as a necessity
From some responsibility, some authority, to all responsibility, no authority
From wanting to do it by the book to whatever gets you through the day and night and day and night and day and night
From Triple J to Hi 5
From thinking panty liners are for women who don't like their bodies to thinking panty liners are for mums with a cold
From hooking up with people when you get there to 'we bring our own people'
From boutique shopping to family department stores
From interior decorating to childproofing
From climbing the career ladder to being climbed, with pubes and boobs as rungs
From George Clooney to Captain Feathersword
From infinite prospects to infinite patience
From making a new life to making a new life for yourself
From not wanting to change motherhood for the world to wanting to change the world for motherhood
From wanting to give our children every opportunity in the world to wanting to give our children a world worth living in

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